Our Work

Research Program

Guided by our indicators and supported by systems thinking, we collect and share cities research from around the world in an effort to more fully understand the challenges and opportunities facing cities. We take a deeper dive into these topics through our webcast productions by inviting global leaders actively reshaping urban life.

Innovation Program

Through our research collection, we have been fortunate to come across thousands of innovators in government, communities and the private sector working to solve challenging urban problems across our indicators. This program brings together some of the most innovative solutions in an effort to inspire communities to create solutions of their own.

Education Program

Since the late 1980s, humanity has witnessed rates of innovation never seen before in history. As we progress into the 4th industrial revolution, innovation will continue to transform cities. We bring together digital content that will not only give you the skills needed to make sense of a complex world, but also provide you with the tools to effectively respond in an effort to improve urban life.